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Shopping Monitor Macedonia

Indago (GfK Skopje) conducted this survey for the first time in 2013, in order to detect certain selected patterns of the population shopping behavior, concentrating especially on current shopping habits, customer satisfaction with shopping conditions, consumer preferences in the choice of where they shop, and to what extent different factors influence the choice of a favorite place to shop. The study also answers further important questions, namely what is the extent of awareness of retail chains and how particular chains fulfill consumer expectations of an ideal place to shop.

According to study results, 53% of customers make a shopping list before going to shop. However, nearly half of customers still buy more than necessary (42%). The percentage of customers who buy private labels has slightly declined in 2018 compared to 2017 from 51% to 47%.

Looking at the shopping behavior and types of purchase on a weekly basis we can conclude that Macedonian shoppers in large do smaller shopping (82%) and impulsive shopping (57%). Sales hunts are in slight decline compared to previous year to 17% of customers stating that they pursued a sales hunt in the past week of shopping, whereas online shopping is still in its rudimentary stage with only 2% of customers who purchase an consumer goods online.

Average monthly spending on consumer goods in 2018 is estimated on 12.840 MKD, which is a decline compared to 2017 results and more than half (54%) of the amount spend goes on fresh food.

Why use Shopping Monitor:

  • If you want to have more more insights about relevant shopper segments depending on significant motivations for general shopping
  • To get an detailed picture about Macedonian shop per purchasing power and spending
  • To help you understand what are the strong & weak point of retailers from consumers point of view
  • To identify the most important criteria when choosing a store
  • To understand the attractiveness of the retail brands

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