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Western Balkans SecuriMeter 2021


The Regional Cooperation Council commissioned Indago to conduct the first-ever regional Public Opinion Survey on Security presenting citizens’ views on fighting terrorism, organized crime, border security, gun ownership, trafficking, illegal immigrations, disinformation, fake news and much more.

Main findings from the survey:

  • The region finds it very important to work on addressing security challenges in the Western Balkans, such as combating terrorism, fighting organized crime and strengthening border security, in order to ensure the internal security of the region
  • Gun ownership is not an attractive option for the Western Balkans citizens
  • Overwhelming majority of the respondents believe that the migrants entering the respondents’ respective economy increase the security risks for their economy
  • Natural disasters are perceived as a serious security threat by the Western Balkans citizens
  • Hybrid threats attract the attention and understanding of the WB6 public with regard to their negative role as a potential destabilising factor on the political, economic, and security situation in their home economies

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