Tracking Customer Loyalty

  • Key client questions – How can I improve my customer loyalty?
  • How can I develop stronger emotional connections with my customers?
  • How do I strengthen my product and service offerings?

Loyalty Plus is an approach that identifies the most effective actions to increase customer loyalty

Benefits – Augments recognized KPIs to better understand and predict customer behavior, allowing you to improve customer loyalty. The total view of how customers interact with your sales, service and digital channels across all business units helps establish stronger connections. Insights allow you to prioritize improvement opportunities and guide optimized resource allocation.

Our approach identifies key drivers i.e. those product and service attributes that have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction.

We identify drivers that best explain low levels of customer satisfaction – Key Dissatisfiers

  • When Company X performs poorly on one or more of the Key Dissatisfiers, it is providing reasons for customer attrition.

And we identify Key Enhancers. Simply avoiding poor performance is not enough to earn customer loyalty. So the second part of this analysis identifies the group of attributes that best explains strong customer loyalty.

  • When Company X performs excellently for one or more of the Key Enhancers, it is building customer loyalty and reducing the chance that customers will be lost so that customers become:

Has my ongoing experience with Company X justified continuer use/purchase of the product or service? Has Company X earned my trust?


Did company X meet or exeed my needs in the most recent encounter with the product/service?



Did company X meet or exeed my needs in the most recent encounter with the product/service?