Your challenges

Offering “seamless” experiences and personalized communication across all channels.

Leveraging customer lifetime value in the face of increasing customer expectations and waning loyalty.

How we do it

We measure all the interactions customers have with your business: seeing an ad, a comment on social network, using your product or calling customer service.


Your benefits

Deep insights into the emotional and social life of your brand.

Confidence to act on insights that are built on validated measures as well as advanced analytics.

ROI – A focus on maximizing your growth and customer lifetime value.


Testing and optimizing your advertising creative

Key client questions :

  • Is your advertising emotionally evocative?
  • Is it persuasive?
  • Is it optimized to drive brand equity and behavioral outcomes?

Brand Vivo

Tracking the health of your consumer-brand relationships

Key client questions :

  • How can I improve my brand health ?
  • How to develop emotional connections with my brand ?
  • How to strengthen my brand in a fast-changing world and environment?

Experience Effects

Measuring the efficiency of consumers’ experience points

Key client questions :

    • How do I optimize my marketing investments?
    • Which paid, owned and earned activities impact my brand?
    • Where do I invest?

Loyalty Plus

Tracking Customer

Key client questions :

  • Key client questions – How can I improve my customer loyalty?
  • How can I develop stronger emotional connections with my customers?
  • How do I strengthen my product and service offerings?