Your challenges

Understanding trends, including what is changing in the market place and how consumer needs are evolving. Identifying innovation opportunities that are right for the brand or portfolio. Commercializing and launching with a clear direction for what it takes to be successful

How we do it

A suite of products that allow us to partner with clients along their innovation journey. We use a innovation framework to capture where customers and markets are headed. We provide the guidelines for how to effectively manage innovation adoption.


Your benefits

The right direction for growth, providing strategic platforms that can be leveraged by Brand, R&D and Marketing. How to design and optimize the offer, including market positioning, pricing and the right go-to-market mix to achieve sales targets. Higher win rates with new incremental revenue and enhanced brand relationship.


Identification, sizing and prioritization of market opportunities

Key client questions :

  • What does the market landscape look like ?
  • Which market opportunities can I leverage ?
  • How big are white spaces and which are growing ?
  • What strategic direction should I take?

Smart Discovery

Insights into changing consumer perceptions

Key client questions :

  • How are consumer perceptions of my world evolving?
  • How can I stay ahead and stay relevant?
  • How can I identify where consumers are heading in a changing world?


HILCA collects the most comprehensive information about the most important attributes.

Key client questions :

  • Why do consumers favor (prefer) one product over another