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Shopping Monitor 2020

As part of its regular annual survey about the shopping behavior, Indago conducted a syndicated survey Shopping Monitor in spring 2020. In addition, we will present the profile of the Macedonian buyer in terms of purchasing food and other consumer products (FMCG).

Responding to their shopping habits, more than half of the respondents (53%) answered that they make a list of products they should buy before going to the point of sale. Nearly a third of shoppers (29%) said they bought more than they needed, while the percentage of shoppers who said they bought private brands was significantly lower than last year’s survey – a quarter (26%) said they bought brands compared to 57% last year.

Considering the fact that the survey took place during the lock down due to pandemic outbreak in spring 2020, there was an expected increase of shoppers who make large purchases (43%) compared to the same period last year when this percentage was 24%. In contrast, the percentage of customers who practice impulsive shopping is significantly lower compared to the same period last year – 44% in 2020 versus 57% in 2019.

Reasons for choosing main retailers 

For most customers the most important criterion when choosing the main store (point of sale where they usually do shopping) is the proximity of the point of sale (to their home or workplace) – this is the first reason of 59% of customers and more than two thirds of customers cited the proximity of the point of sale as a reason for choice. Favorable prices and the range of products at the point of sale are the other two reasons for choosing a ‘main’ store.

Why use Shopping Monitor:

  • If you want to have more more insights about relevant shopper segments depending on significant motivations for general shopping
  • To get an detailed picture about Macedonian shop per purchasing power and spending
  • To help you understand what are the strong & weak point of retailers from consumers point of view
  • To identify the most important criteria when choosing a store
  • To understand the attractiveness of the retail brands

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